BRINGING FIREWOOD INTO THE SHAWNEE NATIONAL FOREST FROM MANY AREAS IS PROHIBITED.  Use local firewood to protect our beloved forest from destructive insects (like emerald ash borer) and invasive disease (like Sudden Oak Death Disease).  THERE ARE FEDERAL AND STATE IMPOSED QUARANTINES FOR AREAS OF NORTHERN and CENTRAL ILLINOIS, INDIANA, MISSOURI, WISCONSIN, MICHIGAN, OHIO,  IOWA, TENNESSEE, MARYLAND, PENNSYLVANIA, CONNECTICUT, NEW YORK,VIRGINIA, WEST VIRGINIA, AND CANADA. Fines start at $500 for violation within the state of Illinois and fines up to $250,000 for violation across state lines!  FOR MORE INFORMATION SEE

We do sell firewood for $12 for a 'load' of 50 pieces of wood, delivered to your campsite.